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Legend Stones

The legend stones in Wéris aren't megaliths. Plausible they had also a special meaning in 'megalithic time'.

'Pierre Haina'

'Pierre Haina' is a natural rock likely once shaped by human. This stone was obviously an important sight point in the megalithic system at Wéris. From this point you have a beautiful sight on the wide area. The stone is also known as "Menhir Blanc" (White Standing Stone).

Pierre Haina - Wéris
Pierre Haina - Wéris

In former times the stones was chalked white every year on the spring-equinox-day. Now it only happens sporadic.
It's unknown when this tradition came into existence...

Pierre Haina seen from far
Pierre Haina seen from far

Pierre Haina who 'guards' the area, thanks to the striking white colour good visible from far.


'Lit du Diable'

'Lit du Diable', The Devil's Bed, situated a bit lower than Pierre Haina. This is also a natural rock, also subject of several legends...

Lit du Diable - Wéris
Lit du Diable - Wéris



'Pas-Bayard', a settlement near Oppagne owns a third legend stone. This is a stone whit a large and deep groove.

Some nice folktales are telling about the legend stones. See website "weris-info" (link on next page)


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