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Province Vlaams Brabant

Map Vlaanderen - Vlaams Brabant

In the province Vlaams Brabant no stone is standing on the original location.

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Megalith???'Dolmen stone Duisburg' - Tervuren (Vlaams Brabant)

In the park at Tervuren, on a crossroad  of lanes called 'Zevenster ' (Seven star)', you can admire the broken pieces of the so called 'Dolmen stone from Duisburg'. The stones 'unbroken' diameter measured +- 2m45.

'Dolmen stone' from Duisburg'- Tervuren
'Dolmen stone' from Duisburg'- Tervuren

Those three sandstones were excavated in 1883 in a field in Duisburg (a borough near Tervuren).
Information source: Les mégalithes de Gaule Belgique - W.& M.Brou - p.39.

'Detail restant dolmen Duisburg' - Tervuren
'Detail Dolmen stone from Duisburg' - Tervuren

No evidence exist that this are the remains of a dolmen (passage grave). In a forest in the area (Zoniënwoud) many Neolithic artefacts where found.

Plan Park Tervuren


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Megalith???'Halve Steen' - Zemst-Laar (Vlaams Brabant)

'Halve Steen' - Zemst-Laar
'Halve Steen' - Zemst-Laar (Brabant)

This remarkable stone was excavated in 1930, near a cross road in Zemst-Laar, and placed on a concrete base.
There is a hole in the centre, and other holes, seen as 'drains for blood'...
Dimensions: large +- 80cm, height +- 45 cm.
Is this the remaining of a megalithic monument? A Celtic sacrifice stone? Or the base for a disappeared cross?  

Location: On the end of a street called 'Halvesteenstraat', on the crossroad of the very old road from Humbeek to  Hombeek. This crossroad is a frontier between Zemst en Hombeek, also frontier between the provinces Vlaams Brabant and Antwerpen.

Kaart Zemst


'Lange Steen' - Bost (Vlaams Brabant)


Straatnaambord  Lange Steen - Bost

In Bost, near Tienen, a reference to a disappeared stone, the 'Lange Steen' or 'Long Stone'.

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Megalith???'Standing stone' - Neerwinden (Vlaams Brabant)

'Standing stone' Neerwinden
'Standing stone' Neerwinden

This stone was found in 1972, near the road from Neerwinden to Overwinden, near a Gallo-Roman funeral place. Now it is standing on masonry in front of the Church at Neerwinden.

Height +- 1m60 descending to +- 1m,
base +- 1m, dept 35 till 45 cm.

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